The Cheltenham Festival on Detail

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This infographic review is about an event. Details about the event, facts about the event, rules for the event and so on. Everything pertaining to the event, you have it here. The page is well supplied with important facts as well as random little facts from here and there that keep the reader well informed about what kind of an event this is going to be. The page provides a good idea about the event that it promotes, in a very good way that it creates a tendency in the reader to participate in it.

Towards the beginning, is a very short and precise description of what the event is. Further on more details follow, such as where the event is going to be, what kind of revenue there is going to happen in here, the kind of people who are going to attend the event, the popularity, the ambience. Everything has been conveyed well and good in a very non-insisting manner.

The design is quite good enough and works well to keep the event well in visual range of the reader. The design elements have been done well enough to keep the poster neat and sufficiently colored.
The layout of the page plays a good role in creating the entire interest point into this event. From the start of the page, the layout has played a good deal in creating an interest and progressing that interest further on and forth towards the event in mind.
The content has nourished the page richly with all kinds of information that the reader would require, succeeding in presenting a good sense of sufficiency throughout the text.

Overall, this is a long and apt piece of infographic that does well to inform the reader about the event and conveys it in a very interesting manner with a little help from design and layout.

cheltenham festival infographic


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