The Divorce Process in Alabama

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This is a long infographic with full details of contested as well as uncontested divorces in Alabama. The message gets very clear the moment the reader land over it. The information is divided into two parts. The first part deals with contested divorce and second one deal with an uncontested divorce.

In the first part, the eyes instantly catch the heading written in white letters with a dark background, giving the heading much-desired edge and highlight. The underlining information beneath the heading makes it clear about the definition of a contested divorce. In the first part, the information regarding contested divorce runs in a timeline like structure giving the details in order. The light green boxes contain the information and the dotted arrow line leads to the next message/information. Each box has a small picture indicating the message. The page has a white background and all the information written within the boxes are written in black. The language used can be understood by anyone, meaning being a legal concept the language can be understood even by a common man.

The next part contains information about non-contested divorce. It explains what it is and what it is called in Alabama. The background color of the page seamlessly changes into a dark color and the information is written, obviously in white color. The structure remains the same with a timeline like design one box leading to another. The boxes contain the information about the non-contested divorce process.

Overall the design of the infographic is simple, but it is a long one which, at some time, can be boring for the reader. The mood of the message is serious and the reader has to give their time for completing the reading. It might be even possible that the reader will leave even before reading it completely.

divorce process infographic


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