The Most Searched Types of Jewelry on Google

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The infographic has detailed data on the rings that are most searched on Google with their pricing, number of carats, and the kind of rings available.


The layout has a vertical orientation which has a good appeal. It is easy to read, and the eyes don’t tire reading across. The margins have been well aligned. There staggering of the text on the left margin is presentable as it creates a unique feel to the layout. The spacing between the pricing and text detail makes the cost of the jewelry stand out.


The design has an official and formal tone. It has good symmetry and communicates the intended message. The bottom circle makes the design interesting because it is a contrast to the top of the page which has a vertical alignment. The colors are cool and easy to go with as they are not too overwhelming for the design. The choice of color and tone adds more life to the design. The design also has rhythm and flow.


The content is friendly to follow through for the reader as the eyes move from left to right. The font size, style, and color choice are legible. 

Infographic on the most searched types of jewelry on google


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