What you Wanted to Know About the Dewalt DWS779

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The header of this infographic features the product and gives it the highlight that would catch the attention of most readers. Furthermore, the colors of yellow has been splashed in with this, this attracts the attention of most people who would be expecting something technically related to such activities involved in construction sites.

Further on there are two more sections, one that explains the physical constraints and abilities of the product in a tabular format and another which actually looks like an informative about what you could expect when you buy this product. This actually makes it look more like an information pamphlet that you get when you buy certain products. The splash of yellow still continues its work through this part of the document and there are introductions of graphics pertaining to the product.

Further down, with a slight change of design and color schemes are more information about what the product could do and how it could help the right kind of people. The minimalistic artwork looks more scaled up when compared to the comparatively cramped piece of a text box associated with it. Moreover, this artwork does little to convey what the associated text means to the reader.

Further down, the document now lands on a flowchart that goes on from section to section explaining key points about what the benefits of the product are. There are more such artworks that don’t relate to the much cramped text boxes. The multiple colors across these sections does do damage to the uniform splash of yellow that ran through the previous sections.

Finally, the end credits do justice to the uniformity and does due justice to the design.

Overall, this is a construction piece of work that drives the right attention to the highlight and elaborates more further down into images that don’t expect something to the reader.

dewalt saw infographic

Source: toolcrowd.com

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