Why Do People Like Freebies So Much?

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This infographic is simple in going through the pros and cons of why Freebies are popular. It also goes through why businesses give away free samples or products.

The document starts off with a blue header and a sky blue background further down. The contents are pretty easy to comprehend and the content seems to be well researched. It also got some statistics about the various kinds of things that are usually given free and the effect it has on the population. Further on below the document explains how Free stuff could affect client relationships

The design is simple and square and keeps elements into square boxes with little difference.

The illustration helps convey different elements of the document in an easy manner.

The layout is pretty simple as well and also helps the reader navigate through the document.

There might be some confusion as to the contents of each section owing to the lack of Powerful headers in each section. The headers do not look so prominent and get avoided at times. This is quite an important design flaw.

The document is pretty short and keeps to the minimum. If the creator was looking for a much more reading crowd, this wouldn’t satisfy much. But it is well adequate for the topic and keeps almost every area well in cover.

The text looks prehistoric when compared to the design. It could have used some embellishments here or there and some font enhancements. As of now, it looks really plain and out of attention.

Overall, this is quite a nice piece of work that focuses on content and has a neat and square design strategy. It may not actually attract readers at first sight, but it still does the trick, covering almost all the areas about the topic in a smooth fashion.

Source: wowfreestuff.co.uk

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