How Hackers are Profiting from Social Media

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The sections

The heading for this infographic takes a whole section made up of imagery and the headline. It is however done in a way that you can easily tell what the presentation is about even before reading. But readers would expect the 10 ways to be properly numbered so they can pick them out easily only to be disappointed. The numbering lacks in the display, hence it is not really that easy to tell the ways that the hackers benefit from social media. The rest of the sections also gel well with images to back up the texts they represent. A broken continuous line makes the borders for majority of sections and subsections as well. Even without considering the headings, it is easy to tell where one section begins and ends thanks to the borders.

The colors

The headline section is the most colorful and this works by giving the display a welcoming appeal. Blue, red, lime green and pink are the other colors selected for the rest of the display and together they create a piece that is easy and exciting to read through. They are warm and hence not too overwhelming to the eye at any given time.

The images

They are a little overwhelming considering that some sections come with more than one. At the same time some of the images are made of several smaller images, hence if you pay attention to them a busy look is what you get. However, they are all relevantly selected, so it is easy to see how they relate to the information being passed across.

The fonts

They are relaxed and easy to read. Capital and bold letters are used where relevant so it is easy to pick the major points and the headings as well. It is quite easy to read through the infographic and grasp the main points.

inforgraphic about hackers and social media


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