How to Build a Website in a Few Steps

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This infographic explains the whole process of making and/or building a website. The document is well structured and laid out and covers about everything a newcomer would need to know about website creation. This document is definitely well defined and it shows in every corner of the document. The design is really bold and keeps it straightforward. This attracts the attention of readers very strongly. And since this topic is quite a hot one these days, it serves well to have that design on the face of it.

The color scheme is pretty strong as well, A touch of cyan all over the place with white and other variations all around. This does a really good job of creating a strong sense of unity through the page.

The layout has been done too well. You could look at any point of this document and be sure that you have landed on some sort of information. The content has been laid out so well that the page is filled with action at every nook and corner.

The design components and designs have a cute sense of perfectness and cleanliness about them and it serves well in such a compactly packed document with no space for trash. This has made the document a really compact yet clean piece of art.

The font and text have also been sized and placed really well across the document. The font sizes and colors help signify the prominence of each text. This also helps make the document very readable and comprehensible.

Overall, this is quite a neat piece of work that conveys a good lot about the topic in a well ordered and well-designed manner, laid out in such a neat and compact way that it is really easy to go through each section as well as understand each one of them.

infographic about how to build a website


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