Can You Recognize These Movie Vans?

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This graphic is creative in its outlook. It makes the reader have a look at the graphic no matter whether he/she is interested in buying the van or not and this makes it a good graphic to some extent.


A very classy and traditional sort of design makes it eye- catching. The way it is designed allows the reader to stay connected with the graphic till the last point. The design is catchy.


Unlike other graphics which seem to be a bombardment of words, this graphic does not give a sense of being wordy. However, the graphic contains words but they are written in the amazing ways of short facts and lines which make it appealing and readable for the customer.

Easy on Eyes:

The graphic is not so easy on eyes as the length of the graphic is inadvertently big. This will make the reader to zoom in to the page and then have access to the information provided. This happens in very less cases only when the reader is interested in the material and this makes it a not so good graphic on that point.


The fonts are used cleverly here. The reader would like to stay with the graphic as it is captivating to know the interesting facts and features emboldened with a background of catchy designs.

Overall analysis:

The graphic is highly likely to bring traffic as it is catchy, appealing and not so boring for any person who is passing by the site to just have a look at it. The design makes it different from other graphics and the diagrammatic representations make it even more irresistible to read. The content is written in a witty form which does not give a sense of wordiness to the readers.

infographic about movie vans


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