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inception infographic

If you are a fan of sci-fi and have watched the famous movie Inception directed by Christopher Nolan, then this inception infographic is for you. Most first time watchers are intrigued by the idea of dream penetration and manipulation and often end up thinking that the idea is totally hypothetical which is not the reality. The infograpic explains the entire plot of the movie.

The piece has been designed to explain the entire process of the dream penetration and the stealing and extraction of data from the subconscious mind. No preppy and unnecessary embellishments have been used as the aim of this dataviz is simply to satisfy the curious minds and not to attract the attention of all and sundry. Those who are actually interested in the matter or want a clear explanation of the movie plot will only find this interesting.

It has extensively explained the entire process of information extraction by the team of dream experts and their associates. The exact roles played by the team members along with the various steps have been explained. Along with that, the various incidents that happen at the various levels of the game has been mentioned with the results, for a better understanding of the process. The essential facts of the dream penetration process have been pointed out.

There is nothing extraordinary about the structure. It is rectangular in structure and good for use on informative blogs and websites as well as fan sites and forums. This inception infographic pertains to a specific hi-end scientific process and thus would interest only a small group of science enthusiasts.

The background is black and very basic colors, mainly white, have been used in the infographic. This makes it simple in appearance and authentic to those who are actually interested in having the information.


UPDATE: Check out this contest winner Inception infographic by NY based graphi-designer Rick Slusher. A nice piece with a well thought visually appealing structure.

Rick slusher inception infographic

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