A Few Interesting Facts About the Rainforest

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The title

The infographic makes the title stand out thanks to the forest like theme it is written on. The trees and monkey accompanying it make it even more attractive. The rope running from one tree to the others seems to underline the title but in a fun kind of way.

The images

The images used on this presentation are cartoon like and they together make the read very interesting. Thanks to the images, even children will have fun reading about rainforests and actually manage to understand the message being passed across. The leaves, trees, frog, monkey and birds are enough to represent nature and they have been used minimally so the display does not look at all overcrowded.

The sections

They are done in different color shades so it is easy to tell them apart. Each of the sections has a good balance between the facts they carry and the images to complete them. They are well organized and do not carry too much information to make them complex to understand. It is true to say that the facts are selected to deliver the most important message about rainforests without being overwhelming in any kind of way.

The fonts

They are of good size and work for the display in terms of style. However, they are not as comfortable for the eyes to read. The white color selected makes the eyes dance and strain a little in some of the sections. The headings for the sections are however very comfortable and readable.

The infographic is short and to the point. By the end of it readers already know the importance of rainforests and what they can do to preserve their importance. The presentation is beautiful and attractive thus maintaining attention of readers all the way to the end.

infographic about rainforest

Source: oakfurnitureuk.co

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