Are Squirrel Droppings Dangerous?

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The design and content used in this article are simple and minimalistic and follows a strict and ordered layout of the content used inside. The big image at the top actually attracts attention in a very excellent way and helps to gather notice to the topic being discussed.

The headings have been emphasized in quite an elegant and simple way. The design is really smooth and soothing to the eye. The content is really informative and provides the audience with rich information about all they’d have to know about the content inside. The line height of the paragraphs throughout the page could have been increased considering all the space there is between the headings and the subsequent paragraphs at each point. However, this does not actually hinder the reading experience by any bit since the font is really readable and understandable.

The images and the clip-arts used at each stage provides the audience with a good sense of understanding about the content and helps to register details into the mind’s eye very easily. This can be observed from the start to the end of the document, from the title to the context of the page. This is a really good way to convey the message to the reader in a very efficient way.

The content itself isn’t any of the less either. It is well informative and conveys almost everything there is to know about the matter. Although the paragraphs could have been arranged in a more comfortable way that suits a definite flow of content across the page, this wouldn’t be all that easily noticed when you get involved in reading the content of the document.

Overall, this is a great infographic that conveys a good deal to the reader in a very simple and efficient manner.

squirrel droppings infographic


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