Found a Baby Raccoon? Do This

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The document focuses on raccoons and how to handle the situation might you be encountering a raccoon sometime somewhere. The page is neat and simple and keeps it mellow and quite interesting. There are a few pictures and good illustrations.

The design overall is pretty simple. There is a bold and a good enough header on the top with a cartoon model of a raccoon. Further on the background is plain white followed by occasional lime colors here and there. This works great to create a space that does not interfere with the flow of reading.

The text is done in comic font and it suits well for a content of this nature. With the images of raccoons and such, this blend perfectly well into the page. The content elaborates more on a single topic at various points in the text. It could have been the other way round, there should have been more topics discussed with just the basic level of explanation. Although that does not take away the credits yet.

The colors used are quite apt. They mix well into the document and the background and makes the reader feel like home at some points. The headings and subheadings are correctly proportioned and colored, quite well enough that they bring out the significance so well.

The illustrations barely used in the document do set quite an ambience here and there. There could have been more illustrations throughout the document. Perhaps a chart or a graph or something like that. Something that conveys a meaning.

Overall, this is quite a neat piece of work with apt fonts and colors and simple designs and background. Overall the simple illustrations through the document also work well to create such a pleasing experience for the reader. The content also sticks to the simplicity quite well.

baby racoon infographic


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