5 Tips to Prevent a Car Accident

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Car accidents happen every day all around the world. This infographic aims at presenting five tips that not only new drivers but also experienced ones should know, in order to be able to prevent a car accident.

At the top, the reader can find an eye-catching title which introduces the topic under discussion. The heading is written in easy-to-read, capital letters and it is carefully placed on a contrasting background. A short paragraph right under offers more details on the subject that is going to be presented.

Moving on, one can find a numbered list of five tips one should follow in order to prevent an accident while driving. These tips are separated in five different sections with alternating background colors. A subheading in the same, easy-to-read font, introduces each one of them.

The first tip is related to respecting the speed limit, while the second one is about not using the phone while driving. According to the third tip, one should never drive under the influence. The fourth tip is about being prepared for all possible weather conditions. The fifth tip is about using the turn signals.

Apart from these subheadings, one can find explanatory texts with more details about each safe driving tip. At the same time, a relevant picture for each one of the tips adds to the artwork’s readability and makes it easier for the reader to visualize and memorize the given information. 

Under the five tips, one can find a big graph that suggests a 2% decline in deaths caused by car accidents from 2018 to 2019, as well as a clarification that all above tips do not guarantee that one will never have a car accident.

In conclusion, the infographic’s layout allows for the reader to easily navigate and quickly understand through the information that is presented in just a few seconds, without even having to read all texts carefully.

infographic with five tips to prevent a car accident

Source: https://www.stevenproberts.com/5-tips-to-prevent-car-accidents-fresno-2020-infographic/

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