A Few Relevant Stats About Car Accidents

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This is an infographic that explains to the reader the various elements of insurance claims involved in motor vehicle accidents. The definite to-knows and the less important factors that would do good to be noticed.

The colors used here are quite something of praise. Except for the header piece the rest of the document follows the same excellent combination of colors that emphasize the document in a really great way. Different shades of cyan have been applied in contrasting ways in an excellent design that it does make the necessary things stand out. The background of a dark deep blueish cyan gives it the subtle ambience. The darker cyan provides for the images and the brighter can for bullets and other two dimensional graphics. The white text shines through it all.

The layout of the document is quite poorly furnished. It is true the document has quite everything it needs but the reader would find it hard to navigate through this document for a quick scan or a light read. The headers towards the second half of the document do seem unresolved about their priority in the document and it looks quite unwelcome.

The two dimensional art used in the document also gives it a sense of purpose as it provides to the reader’s mind quite precisely what the context of the text at that point in the document has to say. The simplicity and clarity of thought that these graphics provide give this document a sense of plain power.

The document is also responsive to screen size, which makes this really effective in reaching out to users that access the document from different screens without compromising quality and design.
Overall, this is a great document that uses design and a good sense of color combined with responsive nature and content representation in a very great way to convey the message well and clear.

Source: srgslaw.com

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