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The work provides a short description about a small list of the common car accident possibilities in New York along with short statistic reports and facts about each kind of a car crash.

The design is neat and captures the attention of the reader. It leads the reader right to where they are supposed to be looking at each phase of their read. It highlights the important texts and gives focus towards what is being conveyed.

Though the text appears to be slightly distracting with raw information stranded out on the edges and in places where they don’t actually make a solid point, the main content has been clearly conveyed, with the right amount of facts, figures, statistics and visual guides that get the message to the reader quickly and clearly.

The colors used, do convey some uniformity throughout. There happens to be two different color schemes, one implemented at the header and the footer and one towards the main content. Although the first theme does put my interest off, the main content really stands out.

All text and content are clearly visible and perfectly scaled. It illuminates the importance of each text quite smoothly without much of a fuss over varied sorts of information. The figures happen to catch the attention of the reader before the text itself which is quite good.

It’s pretty informative and not too lengthy either. So anyone wouldn’t bother giving it a quick look and going through the more important points. It’s not so hard to understand and you wouldn’t bother giving it a detailed inspection either. There’s nothing that actually repels the reader away. The main content actually draws the reader in. So you could say this is quite an appealing piece of work.

Overall Analysis:
This is quite a nice piece of work and informs the reader precisely what it means to convey. It is really simple and neatly designed with acceptable colors and targets the reader’s attention accurately.

Source: kaplanlawyers.com

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