Don’t Forget to Keep This in Your Car Next Winter

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This document is all about winter journeys and how to prepare for a long journey. The color scheme used in this document is predominantly blue. The header is done in deep blue with bold white letters. The rest of the document is laid out on a snowy and white background with a very fine texture that makes it easy for the reader. The majority of the colors used in the document also follow a similar texture as the background and this combination creates some sort of a bond between the two design elements. This special bond across all of the design elements makes this document very special and interesting.

Although the content is not satisfactory the design makes up for it and does a fine job of it. There could have been more content in the document as it should provide some information to the reader.

The colors used in this document are neither too bright nor too dull and sticks to the middle range in such an appropriate manner that it looks so pleasing and comfortable for the reader.

The layout of the document is really spacious and the reader finds it really easy to navigate through the document with much less fuzz over what is going on down in the document.

The overall appeal this document generates is one that will inspire smiles on the readers’ face. This is such a neat piece of work and there would be less reason as to why someone would think this is not up to point.

Overall, this is such a nice piece of work that gives a good deal of attention to design techniques in a very simple fashion that it emphasizes the little text there is in the document in such a perfect manner so as to bring this infographic good response.

winter journeys infographic


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