Some Stats About Carolina Workers Compensation

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This infographic is all about workers’ compensations mainly focusing on South Carolina.

What strikes a reader most as he or she goes through this document is the use of a single color throughout the document. Different shades of cyan have been used to create some kind of a harmony in this document. Although this could feel like a cacophony at some point to some people. Towards the middle of the document, it becomes evident that the cyan starts to look less interesting when applied all over the page in such a fashion.

The font face used in the document is also straightforward. No change or difference, no contrast or compliment. Every one of those texts looks the same if it were not for the size difference which is the only factor that sets heading apart from the commonplace text in the document.

The design creates some appeal to the document as it does stand out among all the cyan and creates some small variations in the monotonous flow of cyan throughout the document. The two-dimensional graphics do also convey the message quite clearly and help to convey the intended message straight to the reader in a very efficient way. Although this doesn’t do much to take away the tarnish brought about by the melancholy of cyan all around.

The responsiveness of the document also does really great to convey a great document to the reader when it comes to compatibility between different screen sizes and devices. This helps different readers to access the page from different screen sizes without having a major setback on design and layout issues.
Overall, this is an okay document that has a lot of cyan in it and uses great design techniques and screen responsiveness to match the errors of font face blemishes and the likes.


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