Top Causes and Prevention of Distracted Driving

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This document focuses on the different causes of distraction during driving. It also markets a couple of apps that apparently could help you off your distraction, but honestly, I feel distraction is more about a person than the number of apps that the person has on the device he or she possesses.

The infographic contains a couple of figures and numbers that support its facts and uses them to market the apps.

The document contains a flow layout and uses a predominantly dark background supplemented by images towards the top of the page and the bottom of the page.

There is a pie chart towards the middle which represents the extent of each of the factors that are responsible for distractions while driving. The colors used in the pie chart look ready to throw up on you as they don’t really match any of the page’s color formats or schemes. The minimalistic vector graphics that convey the message clearly are also of help in the pie chart to get the message across to the reader in a very clear and concise format.

The page is responsive in nature and adheres to all kinds of screen sizes. This is quite a great deal of advantage as this places this document as accessible to a wide range of users who may access the document from different screen sizes. Responsiveness makes sure that no matter which screen device is being used by the reader, the design and layout stay optimized and that the content stays equally appealing through each of those screen sizes.

Overall, this is a fine piece of work that uses pretty elements of graphic design supported by a solid set of figures about the statistics that run through the crowd to present to the reader a great set of information and a better means of tackling the issues efficiently.

distracted driving infographic


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