What Are Work Boots?

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The given website redirects us to a website that is dedicated to boots and all things concerned with boots. This is a database built for all the boot lovers all around. This website lists out the advantages and disadvantages of every product related to boots and helps the customers make a well-informed decision. The given web page redirects the consumer to a webpage that lists the top nine boots that can be worn without tying laces. These boots have a distinct style of their own. They have a number of pros and cons as well. This webpage has listed all these features in an unbiased manner.

The overall text of the webpage is black in color. This goes well with the white background of the webpage. In order to grasp the attention of the customer, the company of the boots has been mentioned in red. The positive features of the boots have been mentioned in green. This is able to attract the customer almost instantly. However, there is a lot of text which the customer can easily skip. The pros and cons of the products have also been mentioned within bullet points. However, this is unable to make a deep mark because there is an absence of bold and underlined texts. There is a lack of pictures as well, which is truly a shortcoming because the customers are unable to understand the product that they are reading about.

The entire infographic that the customer is viewing has been spread out very well. However, designing the page isn’t the sole method of attracting the attention of the customer.

There are pictures provided in this article, but the picture to text ratio is pretty poor. With the help of a good designer, this can be easily changed.

work boots infographic

Source: https://bestbootshub.com/best-pull-on-work-boots/

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