This is How You Write a Good Exam Story

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The work that we have here is a thoroughly detailed text that follows a really an abstract right to left flow of elements connected through a dotted line. This might cause some difficulty to the readers, although that depends on personal preference.

The checkerboard background of white and light-blue behind might appear to be a distraction to some of the audience as it looks too strong and perhaps too emphasized when compared to the other content all around. That, however, does really well to catch the attention of the reader if not for a second. The text could have been of a larger font as they look comparatively too small with all the big headings all around. The graphics and or or clipart used in the infographic do not actually bring to mind any great resemblance to the topic as they look like stray art that bears the least in connection with the topic. Although that does work well to make it clear that this text is intended for children doing their exams or the like.

The content is well nourished, and rich and covers a good deal of matters that could give the story writer a pretty good start and a good load of new ideas about how to furnish their story beautifully, but considering the kind of audience that this page is intended for, perhaps it would be better if the content size is reduced and simplified to suit the understanding levels of an audience with much smaller perceptions of understanding.

Overall, this is an okay and a piece of work with great relevance to the content conveyed. Although this could have improved on the background and the graphics used and the size of text, it somehow becomes less significant once the reader has started reading the content.

creative writing infographic


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