Data You Didn’t Know About PHP

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This is an infographic that could have been done really well if only the potential were utilized efficiently. The theme used throughout the work is pretty nice and may not actually suit well if it were in print. The dark ambience provides a great space for the light text to shine out. This actually catches the attention of the reader in a really good way and that is such a nice way to drive the focus of the work to where you want it. There is a lot of unutilized space all throughout the page. This creates a really negative space, that impacts the work in a really negative way.

The designs and the illustrations used are really good and suit the work. The colors also work really well to take the reader to the right spots and help to convey the right points. But a lot of unutilized empty space all around actually impacts the effect of any further design advantages that the work possesses. This might look like the only problem there is to the work. On a closer look you can find that a couple of data has been misplaced here and there and instead of pointing out the right things that it’s supposed to do, it actually misleads the reader with wrong information and content that is badly selected and badly presented. No matter how good the designs and the colors and the layouts are, as long as the data on the page is wrong, it’s always going to bring frowns and disappointed faces back to the creator.

Overall, this is a good piece of work with regards to the design and minimalist colors and appeal. But the layout and the content used in the page are really not up to expectations and would do really bad for an audience.

infographic about php devs


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