Facts and Functions of Microsoft Excel

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The infographic goes on to inform on Microsoft Excel by giving interesting, unknown facts and its usage with the user in mind. The reader is taken through a journey that keeps the mind engaged and wanting to know more. 


At the very top of the infographic structure, the heading stands out and is clearly visible because of the pop of color from the background. The focus of every section is clearly indicated by a heading and a diagram has been placed at the center of creating an interest for the user and helps with visualization. 

There is also the use of numbers which creates diversity for the infographic moving away from the norm of just using words to illustrate various concepts. 


The choice of color, shape design and general artwork is inviting creating a sense of visual curiosity. Through the blending of the white and blue variation, there is a harmony that has been created. The shapes are aligned symmetrically with the lines and borders. 


The infographic has been written in an easy-to-understand language for readers. It is also very friendly, and the message is not too overbearing with words and can be interpreted by all. The information has been broken down into easy-to-manage sections that are captivating and eye-catching. 

The overall appeal of the infographic is inviting. The reader can have a glance and simply interpret the message. The orientation style has a good display on the screen. 

Source: https://spreadsheetdaddy.com/blog/excel-facts

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