How to Detect a Spy App on Your Phone

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The infographic is a neat little piece of work. The overall layout follows a single color scheme, that continues through from top to bottom without any difference. Although towards the bottom there might be a little bit of a shift from the darker tones to a much brighter look, the color schemes undoubtedly stay the same. There is an overall uniformity that can be observed from start to end. The headings and section headers follow this uniformity and order throughout the page. This can bring about a good sense of understanding and comprehension among the readers.

The content is detailed and correctly aligned and beautifully spaced and makes sure it doesn’t give any hindrance to the easy flow of gaze the reader would stare with. The 2 dimensional images used in each section are also aligned uniformly at each section emphasizing that sense of order and uniformity through and through. Aside from its placement and appeal, it also serves well to bring about a feeling of understanding about what the content discussed in the section is.

The visual appeal that this page has on the reader is quite subtle, owing that to the deep background on the majority of the areas. A simple and strong appeal is what this page brings to mind of any reader that would find this attractive. Towards the bottom, although there is quite a huge color shift from dark to bright colors, the color scheme has been stuck to as can be visible from the use of the same dark colors in the elements that was used as background color in the top half.

Overall, this is quite a neat and appealing piece of work describing the topic precisely and quite well furnished with apt 2 dimensional vector art. The colors and subtle background takes the ambience of this work to the next level.

spy apps infographic


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