The Future of Workplace Training

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This infographic provides information about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and how they could and should be used for training in the workplace. It presents their characteristics, four interesting statistics on the industry, the rising global demand for immersive training and the aspects in which VR and AR can facilitate workplace training today, as well as the relevant trends.

Its clear structure and simple, yet efficient format allow for easily going through all the information and understanding the subject presented. Blue is the main color that was chosen – and not by chance, as blue is one of the colors most frequently used in technology branding.

White and light blue are used as background colors, with each one visually separating the different blocks of information. The easy to read fonts in all texts, which are always carefully arranged on a contrasting background, positively affects its readability. The various embellishing elements are also used and placed in a way that strikes the eye and helps one easily get the idea.

The first section starts with an eye-catching title and explanation that help the reader quickly understand the topic under discussion. It goes on with describing what VR and AR is, with a use of distinct heading, a clever picture and as little text as possible. In the second section one can find some interesting statistics on the VR and AR technology market, again with distinct frames and a picture that smartly suggests some financial data.

In the two following sections, which are both embellished with pictures and bold blue headings and percentages, the reader can learn how global demand for immersive training is rising and how VR and AR help workplace training today. The last section presents the six VR or AR trends with the use of pictograms and short descriptions.

In conclusion, the consistent design and the simple overall structure, as well as the fact that as little text as possible is used, form a clever and useful infographic.

infographic about the future of workplace training


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