The Issues that Customers Find in Marketplaces

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This infographic is short and concise. This makes it easy to comprehend and the layout of this is attractive to the public eye. This infographic deals with the issues faced at E-commerce marketplaces.

This is portrayed in a clear and comprehensive manner that can be easily understood and thus makes for an interesting read. The 8 listed issues are aligned in order and all the important parts of information are highlighted that imply an applied to focus on those parts. This attracts the eye to that highlighted information first and that gives the reader a gist of the issue that it seeks to portray.

The issues they seek to address and capture in their infographics have been listed in a sequential order which eliminates the scope for misunderstanding and confusion. They have also been clearly distinguished using background highlights and formatted text.

However, to increase attractiveness, there could have been a lot more use of diagrams, pictorial graphs to make information a lot more precise and short. There also could have been more color coding of the text to signify what kind of information a particular color is attributed to.

The content put forward, however, is clear and easy to understand even for the average person and this is highly beneficial if they’re aiming to reach a wide audience.

The amount of content and its arrangement within the infographic is short and to the point which makes it easier and less time consuming to read and will prevent the loss of interest during the read.

The statistical information is concise and is portrayed in a clear cut manner which provides an insight into the issue at hand.

Thus, this has a good structure to it overall where the content is structured, simple yet informative at the same time and the reader requires just a quick glance and will be sufficiently informed.

marketplace issues infographic


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