This is How the Chatbot Market Works

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This infographic explains about the various reasons why chatbots are gaining importance in the market and how it came to be in existence.

The document contains sections that are separated by background coloring differences. This is not a good practice, it could make the separation obvious, but it does not really bring a good lot of appeal into the document.

The content in the document is well and good enough. It could have been made better and more promotional and specific. As of now it does not really make a really strong impact on the reader or the reader’s opinions towards chatbots. The content could have been more powerful.

The color scheme covers a good range of the visible spectrum and at one point makes it look like a children’s fairy tale book. But this could be countered by the interesting design used here and there through the document.

The design and layout of the page is what is most interesting in this infographic. It does help bring some sense and makes the content more understandable in a simple and efficient manner. It does have its quirks, but it could be passed for the best in the document as it plays the major role in making the document more pleasing to the reader’s eye.

The headings are not so prominent in most places and this does bring about a sense of poor navigation through the document. The header designs have also been poorly developed. This makes it a bad guide for readers scanning through the document for interesting reads.

Overall, this is just an okay piece of work that uses a lot of fairytale colors to specify different sections and contains a good deal of design and layout techniques that have helped it stand out better to convey its weak content.

infographic about chatbots


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