What Happens When You Recycle Your Cell Phone?

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This infographic presents information about cell phone recycling, the steps that are followed during the process, and how it can help protect the environment.

It begins with an eye-catching title that allows for the reader to easily understand the subject that is presented. A subheading underneath further explains the topic that is about to be discussed.

In the first section, one can read about how cell phones’ materials are harmful to the environment and how recycling can help by extending their life-cycle and keeping them out of landfill. Moving on, the reader can get information about a phone’s recycling journey, which starts with having it tested and receiving a payment for it according to its condition.

The next section talks about the repair or refurbishment process, which is followed by the grading process. After these steps, the cell phone is resold in the US or other countries with a big demand for pre-owned phones. In the next section, the reader can get information about how the phone’s life-cycle is increased with recycling.

Right afterwards, one can learn what happens when a phone can no longer be resold. The last part sums up the benefits of recycling and aims at motivating the readers to recycle their cell phones.

The green color that is used throughout as a background color perfectly fits with the concept of recycling. The easy-to-read fonts, the separation of the information in different sections and the use of relevant images add to the readability, which could have been further improved by keeping texts shorter or emphasizing specific words. However, the content that is provided, the overall layout and the consistency in the design makes for a very helpful infographic that is easy to navigate through.

infographic about cell phone recycling

Source: https://www.sellcell.com/cell-phone-recycling/

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