These are the Best Places for a Road Trip

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The given graphic will be reviewed critically on the following points written hereunder:


The graphic is designed in various subsections. Each subsection caters to a question and provides its answer to the reader. However, the design is not something extraordinary, but natural. It makes the reader try out what is written at least once. On this basis, the design is approved with a positive image.


The content provided in the graphic has been a reflection of research and continuous churning of big data to select the key points and enter it in the form in exactly the same way it has been engraved there. Devising the information for each subsection and answering it with facts as well as practical information not only makes the whole content easily understandable but also self-explanatory. Even a layman is capable of understanding that graphic. This is the aim of info graphic and it has been well achieved by the creator. So this is approved too.


The style is more comparative in nature. Usage of all the tools is effective in editing, but the article focuses on a comparative view that could have been presented in a better manner with tables and with some more information. Not giving it a look of an article, but graphic could have been more competitive in this aspect.

Overall analysis:

The graphic has been designed with the apt design, content, writing style and usage of color has been a key element as it is light. The design looks presentable overall and increases its visually appealing. This ensures that more and more reader’s attention will be grabbed by the graphic. This is what the creator wants in the end and hence the work has been accomplished with a fairly positive overview of it.

info graphs about road trip


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